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Making the British Sound, Conference

Instrumental Music and British Traditions

London - Edinburgh

6 - 11 July 2009

The Galpin Society and the Historic Brass Society will meet together in London and Edinburgh in July. The event will include visits to important collections of musical instruments, and a conference in which members of both societies will present the results of their recent research, workshops, concerts, and social events. This event will also celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Reid Concert Hall Museum of Instruments.

Conference administration: The Horniman Museum, London, and Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments

See the Booking Form


Accommodation in London should be booked directly. Delegates should find the following convenient for travel to the conference events:

Julian Markham House, Hall of residence of the University of the Arts at Elephant & Castle. Accommodation only, 25.00 per night.

Hilton London Tower Bridge offering four-star hotel services, room rates from 159.00 per night (for two people).

London Bridge Hotel offering four-star hotel services, bed and breakfast rates from 162.50 per night (for two people).

Further suggestions are available on request to the organisers.

Mon 6 July

Performance day at the Royal College of Music, London
Masterclasses, talks and performance relating to period instruments and the British Sound

Enter from Prince Consort Road.

10:00 Historical trumpet masterclass and talk
  • Crispian Steele-Perkins
  • 12:00 Visit to Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments
    13:00 Lunch Break

    14:00 Historical oboe masterclass and talk
  • Anthony Robson
  • 16:00 Visit to Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments
    17:00 Close of session

    Tue 7 July

    Horniman Museum, Forest Hill (frequent trains from London Bridge to Forest Hill, five minutes walk from Forest Hill station)

    See how to get to the Horniman Museum and linked maps.

    9:30 Conference registration opens

    10:15 Welcome

    10:30 Round table session with performers discussing the British orchestral and band sound
    The performance round table will be chaired by David Wright (Royal College of Music), and panelists will include John Boyden (New Queen's Hall Orchestra), Hale Hambleton (English National Opera and Trinity College of Music), Stephen Cottrell (Goldsmiths College), and Cliff Bevan.

    12:30 Lunch Break

    14:00 Round table session with musical instrument makers, discussing the British school of instrument making
    The instrument makers' round table will be chaired by Frances Palmer (Royal Academy of Music), the panelists will include David Armitage (London Metropolitan University, woodwind), Nick Blishen (London Metropolitan University, guitar), William Ring (Howarths, woodwind), Richard Smith (Smith Watkins Trumpets, ex- Boosey & Hawkes), and Marc Soubeyran (British Violin Making Association).

    16:00 Tea/Coffee Break
    16:30 Concert
    Guitar Music from Britain, featuring Taro Takeuchi playing original 17th, 18th and 19th century guitars, with Judy Tarling (violin) and Jennifer Morsches (cello). The programme will include works by Corbetta, Matteis, Purcell, J.C. Bach, Handel, Straube and Sor. For further information, visit
    Reception, presentation and private view
    Presentation of the Christopher Monk Award of the Historic Brass Society
    Boosey & Hawkes display and Music Gallery
    Sound Designs exhibition and a temporary exhibition of technical drawings, photographs and brass instrument making tools
    20:15 Dinner
    at the Dartmouth Arms, near Forest Hill station

    Boosey & Hawkes Archive: a selection of manufacturing records, catalogues and photographs from the Archive will be on display in the Library throughout the day.

    Wed Ju1 8

    London and environs (choose one alternative)

    Evening: Meet at 16:40 for the 17:00 train from Kings Cross to Edinburgh, arriving 21:21.

    We meet at the entrance to the platform and go through ticket control to the train as a group. We have a group ticket with reserved seats in coach C (seats 23-62).

    See the Booking Form for fares. Participants returning to London should book their return journey themselves. Meals are available on the train.

    Moderate-cost bed and breakfast accommodation has been arranged in Edinburgh at Pollock Halls, in a spectacular location at the foot of Arthur's Seat. See the Booking Form for details of rates.

    If you are arriving by the 17:00 train from Kings Cross to Edinburgh, taxis can be shared to Pollock Halls. If you are arriving directly to Pollock Halls, see given at for maps, or Enter from Holyrood Park Road. Travel directions to Pollock Halls are given at

    Thursday 9 Ju1y - Saturday 11 July

    Reid Concert Hall Museum of Instruments, Edinburgh

    The Reid Concert Hall is approached from Bristo Square; it is No. 20 on the Central Area map at

    The Reid Concert Hall is 25 minutes walk from Pollock Halls.


    Session, chair: Jeffrey Nussbaum

    9:00 Ergonomic Analysis of a Renaissance Sackbut
  • Bill Tuck and Frank Tomes
  • 9:30 British Horn Design in the Eighteenth Century: an Analysis of Acoustics and Playing Technique
  • Lisa Norman, University of Edinburgh
  • 10:00 France and Britain: Crossroads of Brass Instrument Making
  • Eugenia Mitroulia, University of Edinburgh
  • 10:30 Coffee Break
    Session, chair: Verena Jakobsen Barth

    10:55 The Cornet à pistons Seen by Fétis through his Writings about the World Exhibitions of London and Paris, 1851-1867
  • Géry Dumoulin, Musée des instruments de musique (MIM), Brussels
  • 11:25 Trumpet vs Cornet at the turn of the Twentieth Century; Sound, Perception and Reaction
  • Paul Nevins, Birmingham Conservatoire
  • 12:00 Trumpet and Cornet: an Exploration of Ancestry and Stylistic Affinities in British Orchestral Brass Playing of the Twentieth Century
  • Simon Baines, University of Leeds
  • 12:40 Performance of Gustav Holst (1874-1934), Duet for Trombone and Organ by John Kenny (narrow-bore trombone) and John Kitchen (organ)

    The first performance of the Duet for Trombone and Organ was given at Highbury Congregational Church, Cheltenham, on 8 May 1895. The soloist was a local trombonist named John Bryce and Adolf von Holst, Gustav's father, played the organ. The piece is in one continuous movement, comprising several contrasting sections. It was published in 1994 by Warwick Music, U.K.

    12:50 Lunch Break


    Session, chair: Darryl Martin

    14:10 “Loud Noyses of Musicke”: Musical Representation and the Court and Civic Ensembles of Elizabethan London
  • Helen Green, The Open University
  • 14:40 The Viol Displayed, the Iconographer Dismayed
  • Michael Fleming, University of Huddersfield
  • 15:10 The Workshop Accounts of the London Harp Firm of Erard, 1807-09
  • Jenny Nex, Royal College of Music and Goldsmiths College, University of London, London
  • 15:40 The Auxeto-Instruments of Charles Algernon Parsons
  • Aleks Kolkowski, Brunel University and Alison Rabinovici, University of Melbourne
  • 16:15 Tea Break
    Session, chair: Arnold Myers

    16:40 The Influence of the Distin Family on the Development of the Brass Band Movement in Nineteenth-century Britain
  • Ray Farr, University of Durham
  • 17:20 The Road to Masquerade: The Influence of the Voice on Brass Band Style and Repertoire
  • Peter Bassano
  • 18:00 Reception
    18:30 Performance of 1860s brass band repertoire by members of Newtongrange Lothian band, conducted by Ray Farr

    The short programme will include a performace of a selection from Meyerbeer, Robert le Diable as arranged for the 1862 Crystal Palace contest.


    Session, chair: Graham Wells

    9:00 British and Continental Evidence of the Early Shuttle-Drone Bagpipe
  • Jim Kopp
  • 9:30 Oboes by Thomas Stanesby Sr. : Bores and Perturbations
  • P.J. Berry and L. Jones, London Metropolitan University
  • 10:00 British and Continental Clarinets Compared
  • Heike Fricke, Berlin
  • 10:30 A Newly-discovered English Bassoon
  • Mathew Dart, London Metropolitan University
  • 11:00 Coffee Break
    Session, chair: Bruno Kampmann

    11:25 The Saxophone in England in the Long Nineteenth Century
  • Stephen Cottrell, Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • 11:55 Fanfare's Fanfares: Heralding a New Era
  • Raymond David Burkhart
  • 12:25 Lunch Break


    Session, chair: Charles Mould

    14:00 What is “The British Sound” in Plucked Keyboard Instruments ?
  • Darryl Martin, University of Edinburgh
  • 14:30 Single Manual English Harpsichords with Machine Stop: the Thomas Culliford harpsichord (London, 1785) of the Conservatory of Music of Florence
  • Gabriele Rossi Rognoni, University of Florence
  • 15:00 Wells Street Scottish Secession Church: a Congregation of Piano Makers
  • Lance Whitehead, Royal College of Music, London
  • 15:30 The Contribution of Women to the Design, Manufacture and Maintenance of the Piano
  • Marie Kent, London Metropolitan University
  • 16:00 Tea Break
    Session, chair: Christopher Field

    16:25 Guittar Manufacture and Marketing in late Eighteenth-century London
  • Panagiotis Poulopoulos, University of Edinburgh
  • 16:55 The Spanish Influence on the Guitars of Nineteenth-century London
  • James Westbrook, London Metropolitan University
  • 17:35 The Use of the Classical Guitar in the Chamber and Orchestral Works of Denis ApIvor
  • Mark Marrington, Leeds College of Music
  • 18:05 Close of session
    19:15 for 19:45 Banquet in the Raeburn Room, The Old College of the University of Edinburgh
    The Raeburn Room is the finest of the eighteenth-century reception rooms in the Adam/Playfair Old College. See the Booking Form for details.

    Old College is entered from South Bridge (through the large archway under the prominent dome); it is No. 11 on the Central Area map at


    Session, chair: Lewis Jones

    9:00 Charles Nicholson and the London Flute Market in the Early Nineteenth Century
  • Simon Waters, University of East Anglia
  • 9:30 Making What they Could Sell. Or, If They Were so Clever, Why Weren't They Rich ?
  • Robert Bigio
  • 10:00 Charles Nicholson and the Making of a British Flute Sound
  • Ardal Powell
  • 10:30 An Icon of the English Clarinet School: Boosey & Hawkes and the Symphony 1010
  • Jenny Brand, Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • 11:00 Coffee Break
    Session, chair: Bradley Strauchen-Scherer

    11:25 Farewell to the Kidshifter: The Decline of the G Bass Trombone in the UK 1950-1980
  • Gavin Dixon, The Horniman Museum
  • 11:55 The Contribution of Herbert Barr to the Formation of the Twentieth-century British Orchestral Trumpet Sound
  • Alexander McGrattan, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
  • 12:25 Brass Intersections: Performance Domains and the British Brass Identity
  • Trevor Herbert, The Open University
  • 11:00-13:00 Alternative morning visit for Galpin Society members to St Cecilia's Hall Museum of Instruments
    St Cecilia's Hall is entered from Cowgate (next to Smart City Hostel); it is No. 5 on the Central Area map at
    12:55 Lunch


    15:00 Galpin Society Annual General Meeting, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh


    19:30 Historical concert, St Cecilia's Hall, Edinburgh
    Anneke Scott (period horns) with Kathryn Cok (fortepiano)

    Ignaz Moscheles and others in early 19th century London

    Beethoven, Sonata for fortepiano and horn in F (Op. 17)
    Giovanni Puzzi, Il Buon Pastore
    Giovanni Puzzi, Theme and Variations
    Giovanni Rossini, Prelude, Theme and Variations
    Muzio Clementi, La Chasse for harpsichord or fortepiano (Op. 16)
    Ignaz Moscheles, Introduction & Rondeau Ecossais (Op. 63)
    Ignaz Moscheles, Feuillet d'Album de Rossini (Op. 138)

    See the Booking Form for ticket details.

    St Cecilia's Hall is entered from Cowgate (next to Smart City Hostel); it is No. 5 on the Central Area map at

    Sun 12 July

    Sun 12 - Mon 13 July

    Reid Concert Hall Museum of Instruments, Edinburgh

    Tue 14 July

    Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow

    For further information, please contact Arnold Myers, Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments, Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square, Edinburgh EH8 9AG, E-mail: or Bradley Strauchen, The Horniman Museum, 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 3PQ, E-mail

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