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1-4 JUNE 2017


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Timetable of Papers with links to Abstracts and Biographies

Wednesday 31st May

18:00 - 20:00 Welcome reception with music, St Cecilia's Hall

Thursday 1st June

9:00 Session A, St Cecilia's Hall - Chair: Graham Wells

9:00 Lidia Chang - “The Don Giovanni of wind instruments”: Flute-playing, Masculinity, and English Nationalism in the Georgian era
9:15 Lynn Brostoff, Tana Villafana and Carol Lynn Ward-Bamford - Glass at Risk: Stability Issues in Claude Laurent's 19th Century Glass Flutes
9:45 Núria Bonet - Mechanised Shawms: Comparing the Development of the Tenora, Suona and Jangsaenap
10:15 David Rachor and Bryant Hichwa - An Assessment of Regional Variations in Early Bassoons: With an Emphasis on Saxon eighteenth-century Instruments

10:45 Coffee

11:15 Session B, St Cecilia's Hall - Chair: Emanuele Marconi

11:15 Christine Hemmy, Philippe Bruguière and Jean-Philippe Echard - New insights into the life and instruments of Gérard Joseph Deleplanque, maker in Lille in the 18th century
11:30 Thilo Viehrig and Nancy Thym - The Freiberg Violin - New Insights into Renaissance Violins North of the Alps
12:00 Ellie Nimeroski - Articulating Camber: The Sound of François Xavier Tourte's Early-period Bows

12:30 Break for lunch and viewing special exhibition of organological rare books and manuscripts (AMIS Board of Governors meeting)

14:30 Session C, Reid Concert Hall - Chair: Margaret Birley

14:30 Cassandre Balosso-Bardin, Patricio de La Cuadra, Augustin Ernoult and Benoît Fabre - The bagpiper's arm. Controlling the bag: a multidimensional study.
15:00 Cleveland Johnson - The Madras “Sruti” Harmonium and its Precedents
15:15 Salvatore Morra - But is it an 'ūd? The quwaytara, lute of the Horniman Museum

15:45 Tea

16:30 Session D, Reid Concert Hall - Chair: Christina Linsenmeyer

16:30 Panagiotis Poulopoulos - 'Shedding New Light on the Production Strategies of Erard'
17:00 Karen Loomis - Horsehair Harp Strings
17:30 Geerten Verberkmoes - Made in Amsterdam: a rediscovered cittern from 1771
18:00 Daniel Wheeldon - The Court-Musician Franz Fiala and his Invention the Tastengitarre

18:30 Break (20:00 Excelsior Ballroom concert and dance, St Cecilia's Hall)

Friday 2nd June

9:00 Session E, St Cecilia's Hall - Chair: Murray Campbell

9:00 Jeremy Sexton - “Brass” Instruments as Music-Producers in Ancient Italy
9:30 Robert Apple - The Keyed Trumpet in European Sacred Music (c. 1810-1840)
10:00 Byron Pillow - Modern Modularity: The Rise of the Component Trombone

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Session F, St Cecilia's Hall - Chair: Carolyn Bryant

11:00 Laurence Libin - The Gibson Upright, the Steinway Strike of 1919, and the First Red Scare
11:15 Marie Kent - Thirty years of the piano trade in the censuses of England (1881 to 1911)
11:30 Tyler Yamin - The Cålåpitå: The History, Uses, and (Attempted) Revival of an Extinct Gamelan Instrument
12:00 Maxine Fawcett-Yeske - Community Building: The Laterna is Twentieth-Century Greek Culture

12:30 Break for lunch and viewing special exhibition of organological rare books and manuscripts (AMIS Working Group on Collection Management)

14:30 Session G, Reid Concert Hall - Chair: Darryl Martin

14:30 Massimiliano Guido - Con voce argentina: sound descriptions and voicing parameters for Italian organ pipes from Renaissance to Baroque
15:00 Owen Woods - The Gamba Oboe; a forgotten organ stop rediscovered
15:30 Andrzej Perz, Jan Boon and Patrick De Baets - Reverse Engineering and a Reconstruction of the 'Van Eyck' Organ

15:45 Tea and Organ Recital

16:45 Session H, Reid Concert Hall - Chair: Mimi Waitzman

16:45 Peter Asimov - 'Instrument of the Future': the Ondes Martenot at the 1937 Exposition
17:15 Paul Harkins - Following the Instruments and Users: The Mutual Shaping of Digital Sampling Technologies
17:45 Edward Dewhirst - 'Epinette a l'octave': French Keyboard Instruments at Octave Pitch
18:15 David Gerrard - Geometry and conjecture: designing a 'new' 16th-century virginal

18:30 Break (20:00 Ceilidh, Teviot House, adjacent to Reid Concert Hall)

Saturday 3rd June

9:00 Session I, St Cecilia's Hall - Chair: Christopher Field

9:00 Katharina Preller - Between sirens and pianos: Hermann von Helmholtz's scientific and musical instruments
9:30 Lance Whitehead - Scotland's Supply of Musical Instruments c1750-1815: a New Source
10:00 Donatella Melini - Paper and Parchment Fragments inside the Instruments: new Research Perspectives

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Session J, St Cecilia's Hall - Moderator: Gabriele Rossi Rognoni

Eliot Bates, Eric de Visscher, Flora Dennis, Emily Dolan and Gabriele Rossi Rognoni - Panel session: Organology and the others: cross-disciplinary methods applied to the study of musical instruments The Texts of Panel Discussion Papers are pre-circulated in order to facilitate discussion and debate. Each offers an overview of a particular methodological perspective and will reflect on the questions, challenges, and possibilities it raises for organology. They will be quickly summarised, but not read during the session.

12:30 AMIS Business Meeting, St Cecilia's Hall

13:00 Break for lunch

14:00 Concert, St Cecilia's Hall

15:00 Galpin Society Annual General Meeting, St Cecilia's Hall

15:45 Tea

16:15 Session K, St Cecilia's Hall - Chair: Darcy Kuronen

16:15 Sebastian Kirsch, Frank Bär, Theobald Fuchs, Christian Kretzer, Markus Raquet, Gabriele Scholz, Rebecca Wagner, Sarah Wagner and Meike Wolters-Rosbach - A standard for 3D-computed tomography of musical instruments - first results of the MUSICES-project
16:45 Alan Woolley, Amaya Lopez-Carromero and Murray Campbell - A Review of the Application of High Speed Photography to Musical Instrument Research at the University of Edinburgh
17:15 Adrian V. Steiger - The pitch question and how to communicate about it
17:30 Michael Fleming - Finch-Hatton MS 2133. Towards a 17th-century English Grove?
17:45 Dominik von Roth and Linda Escherich - Policy, pricing, and provenance of a huge musical instruments collection: The Rück project - a view onto the whole

18:15 Break (20:00 Banquet, South Hall, Pollock Halls)

Sunday 4th June

9:00 Session L, Reid Concert Hall - Chair: Geoffrey Burgess

9:00 Albert Rice and Nophachai Cholthitchanta - Two Eighteenth-Century English Clarinets: their characteristics and importance
9:30 Heike Fricke - Lost and Found: Simon Hermstedt's clarinet
10:00 Stephen Cottrell and Jocelyn Howell - 3D printing, musical instruments, and the Boosey and Hawkes Archive

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Session M, Reid Concert Hall - Chair: Helen Rees

11:00 Tsan-Huang Tsai - One Instrument, Two Destinies: The Chinese Seven-Stringed Zither Qin in China's Cultural Revolution and Taiwan's Cultural Renaissance
11:30 Stewart Carter - Musical Instruments and Ensembles in the Buddhist “Western Paradise”: Images from the Mogao Grottoes
12:00 Ulrich Morgenstern - The Russian Bowed Lute Gudok. Morphology, Tunings, Playing Techniques
12:30 Nancy Thym - The Norwegian Krogharpe - History, Lore, Construction and Playing Technique

13:00 Break for lunch

14:30 Demonstrations of instruments, St Cecilia's Hall

16:00 Tea

16:30 Session N, St Cecilia's Hall - Chair: Sabine Klaus

16:30 Thierry Maniguet - Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique, a laboratory of ideas in the use of new valved brass instruments in Paris
17:00 James Kopp - The Instrumentarium of the Gymnase Musical Militaire (Paris, 1836-1855)
17:30 John Koster - The “Jesses Cassus” Harpsichord

18:00 Conclusion of Conference (19:30 Concert, St Cecilia's Hall)

Monday 5th June

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