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Shawms and small Oboes
(1218)Cornamuse in F, 2-key.Otto Steinkopf, Germany, c 1951.
(5819)Still shawm in F, facsimile.Charles Foster, Aberdeen, 2002.
(5807)Still shawm in F, reconstruction.Charles Foster, Aberdeen, 2002.
(1026)Bombarde [shawm].Possibly Jean-Pierre Jacob, Brittany, probably Keryado-Lorient, c 1890.
(976)Piffaro [shawm].Probably Italy, c 1900.
(269)Reïta [shawm].Buffet Crampon, Paris, c 1930.
(1225)Piffaro [shawm] probably in A.Probably Italy, probably c 1900.
(1226)Piffaro [shawm] probably in G.Probably Italy, probably c 1900.
(1228)Shawm.Probably c 1900.
(3188)Tarota [shawm].Probably Spain or France, possibly c 1850.
(3923)Tipla [shawm].Probably south-west France or north-east Spain, c 1890.
(3924)Tenora [shawm].Touron, Perpignan, c 1870.
(266)Musette in F, keyless.Probably France, 1870-1930.
(1165)Musette in F, keyless.Probably France, 1870-1930.
(1222)Musette in F, keyless.Probably France, 1870-1930.
(267)Musette in F, 4-key.Probably France, 1870-1930.
(1166)Musette in F, 4-key.Probably France, 1870-1930.
(5594)Musette in F, 4-key.Probably France, 1870-1930.
(5542)Musette in F, 6 keys.Probably France, 1870-1930.Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection
(3017)Hautbois pastoral [pastoral oboe] in F, simple system.Triébert, Paris, c 1860.
(2121)Pastoral oboe in C, simplified Boehm system.Pupeschi, Florence, c 1890.
(4057)Soprano sarrusophone.Distin, London, c 1866 {8237}.
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Early Oboes
(62)Oboe in C, 3-key.Thomas Stanesby, Senior, London, c 1700.
(1032)Oboe in C, 3-key.Probably France, c 1700.
(1033)Oboe in C, 2-key.Probably France, c 1710.
(3321)Oboe in C, 2-key.Thomas Stanesby Senior, London, c 1730.
(927)Oboe in C, 2-key.Tölcke, Brunswick, c 1750.
(63)Oboe in C, 2-key.Probably England, c 1760.
(942)Oboe in C, 2-key.Thomas Collier, London, c 1770.
(1031)Oboe in C, 2-key.Bland & Weller, London, c 1795.
(64)Oboe in C, 2-key.Goulding & D'Almaine, London, c 1820.
(2003)Oboe in C, 2-key.William Milhouse, London, c 1800.
(65)Oboe in C, 7-key, modified to 8-key.W. Milhouse, London, 1815.
(5869)Oboe in C, 9-key.Guillaume Triébert, Paris, c 1830.
(1539)Oboe in C, 9-key.Wylde, London, 1845.
(67)Oboe in C, 9-key.D'Almaine & Co, London, 1858 or soon after.
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German and Austrian model Oboes
(3863)Oboe in C.Johann Friedrich Floth, Dresden, 1807.
(5595)Oboe in C, simple system.V. Kohlert's Söhne, possibly Graslitz, c 1880.
(1027)Oboe in C, Sellner system.S. Koch, Vienna, c 1825-30.
(66)Oboe in C, Sellner system.Backofen, Darmstadt, c 1835.
(4587)Oboe in C, Sellner system.I.T. Uhlmann, Vienna, mid 19th century.Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection
(1028)Oboe in C, elaborated Sellner system.A. Morton, London, c 1860.
(3864)Oboe in C.Heinrich Friedrich Meyer, Hannover, c 1860.
(4442)Oboe in C with single-reed mouthpiece.Kohlert, Graslitz, 1st half of 20th century.
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Simple system Oboes
(68)Oboe in C, 12-key.Brod, Paris, c 1830.
(71)Oboe in C, simple system.Probably Brod, possibly altered by Triébert according to the requirements of Barret, Paris, c 1830.
(70)Oboe in C, simple system.Scott, London, c 1840.
(963)Oboe in C, simple system.Triébert, Paris, c 1840.
(528)Oboe in C, simple system.Possibly France, c 1870.
(2120)Oboe in C, simple system.Circa 1880.
(72)Oboe in C, simple system.by Leslie Sheppard, Sussex, c 1955 {5961}.
(69)Oboe in C, simple system.Triébert, Paris, c 1845.
(1580)Oboe in C, simple system.Possibly France, c 1880.
(5596)Oboe in C, simple system.By G Lacroix, probably France, c 1880.
(5597)Oboe in C, simple system.Probably France, c 1880.
(2127)Oboe in C, simple system.E. Albert, Brussels, c 1875.
(524)Oboe in C, simple system.Hawkes & Son, London, c 1900.
(4120)Oboe in C, simple system.Boosey & Co, London, 1903 {15616}.
(3431)Oboe in C, simple system.Jacques Albert, Brussels, c 1910.
(3209)Oboe in C, simple system.Orsi, Milan, c 1920.
(5541)Oboe in C, simple system.Rudall Carte, London, 1919 {1024}.Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection
(5786)Oboe in C, simple system.Thibouville-Lamy, Paris, c 1870.
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Modern Oboes
(2701)Oboe in C, thumbplate (Triébert Système 5).Triébert, Paris, c 1870.
(4586)Oboe in C, thumbplate system.Probably Kusder, London, late 18th century; remodelled 1889.Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection
(2154)Oboe in C, thumbplate.A. Morton, London, c 1890.
(922)Oboe in C, thumbplate.Grassi, Milan, c 1965.
(2004)Oboe in C, thumbplate.Thibouville-Lamy, La Couture, c 1900.
(3442)Oboe in C, thumbplate.R. Malerne, Paris, c 1910.
(5998)Oboe.François Lorée, Paris, c 1890 {H40}.
(1679)Oboe in C, thumbplate.François Lorée, Paris, 1903 {S50}.
(2289)Oboe in C, thumbplate.Mahillon, Brussels, c 1910.
(2705)Oboe in C, thumbplate.Boosey & Co, London, 1923 {24852}.
(5540)Oboe in C, thumbplate system.Cabart, France, 1920-50.Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection
(4105)Oboe in C.Cabart.
(2678)Oboe in C.Fritz Schüller, Markneukirchen, c 1970 {7531}.
(2022)Oboe in C, thumbplate with conservatoire (probably added).Lafleur, London, c 1970 {75008}.
(1555)Oboe in C, Conservatoire.Strasser, Marigaux & Lemaire, Paris, c 1968 {1071}.
(73)Oboe in C, Boehm system.Circa 1880 (?).
(4588)Oboe in C, Boehm system.Buffet-Crampon, Paris, 1895 {5679}.Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection
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Large Oboes and Heckelphon
(3423)Oboe in B-flat, simple system.Circa 1870.
(957)Oboe d'amore in A, simple system.Mahillon, Brussels, c 1880.
(6009)Oboe d'amore in A.A. Jardé.
(1713)Tenor oboe [vox humana] in F, 2-key.Thomas Collier, London, c 1770.
(961)Tenor oboe [vox humana] in F, 2-key.Parker, London, c 1770.
(3375)Tenor oboe [vox humana] in F, 2-key.Milhouse, Newark, c 1785.
(3322)Cor anglais in F, 10-key.Triébert, Paris, c 1825.
(923)Cor anglais in F, Sellner system with later additions.Uhlmann, Vienna, c 1830.
(1843)Cor anglais in F, simple system.O. Moennig, Leipzig, c 1900.
(74)Cor anglais in F, thumbplate.Triébert, Paris, c 1910.
(5912)Bass oboe.François Lorée, Paris, 1901 {P60}.
(5702)Heckelphon.Heckel, Biebrich, 1908 {39}.
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Incomplete Instruments and Ancillary Items
(3023)Bell for oboe.Astor, London, c 1800.
(3022)Bell for oboe.W. Milhouse, London, c 1800.
(1118/E1)Long oboe-type bell section. 
(5534)Single-reed mouthpiece for oboe with reed. Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection
(4085)Pirouette and reed for tipla.Spain.
(4106)Staples for oboe reeds. 
(5535/E1/1-5)Five reeds for oboe.T. Ling, London, early 19th century.Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection
(5535/E1/6-13)Eight reeds for oboe.Early 19th century.Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection
(3899)Reed for oboe.Marcel Ponseel.
(4107)Tools for oboe reeds. 
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