List H9: Althorns, Tenor Horns and Baritones

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Smaller intermediate bore horns
(3429)Saxhorn soprano [soprano saxhorn] in 3¼-ft E♭.Gautrot, Paris, probably soon after 1865.
(6590)Saxhorn contralto [contralto saxhorn] in 4-ft C etc.Gautrot aîné, Paris, c 1860.
(2119)Saxhorn contralto [contralto saxhorn] in 4-ft C etc.France (?), c 1880.
(6496)Saxhorn contralto [contralto saxhorn] in 4½-ft B♭.Adolphe Sax, Paris, 1848 {5796}.
(6642)Saxhorn contralto [contralto saxhorn] in 4½-ft B♭ etc.Probably France, mid-19th century.
(4545)Contralto saxhorn in 4½-ft B♭.H. Distin, London, c 1858.
(4253)Saxhorn contralto [contralto saxhorn] in 4½-ft B♭.Adolphe Sax, Paris, 1865 {30365}.
(5706)Saxhorn contralto [contralto saxhorn] in 4½-ft B♭.A.Lecomte & Cie, Paris, c 1900.
(4433)Tenor bugle in 5½-ft G - 6-ft F, 1-valve.Boosey & Hawkes, London, 1956 {236193}.
(4117)Alto bugle in 5½-ft G, 2-valve.Whaley, Royce & Co Ltd, Toronto, c 1970 {434}.
(887)Saxhorn alto [tenor horn] in 6-ft F.possibly Adolphe Sax, probably Paris, 1846-51.
(6101)Saxhorn in F / E♭.Roehn, Paris, 1853-55.(Frank Tomes Collection)
(6000)Saxhorn alto [tenor horn] in F.Halari, Paris, probaby before 1859.
(4448)Saxhorn alto [tenor horn] in F / E♭, 3-valve.Labbaye, Paris, Probably before 1855.
(6376)'Besson-forme horn' (?) in F / E♭ / D.Gustave Besson, Paris, c 1845-1868, probably c 1855 {4027}.
(3545)Tenor tuba [tenor horn] in F etc.Henry Distin, London, 1849-57, probably c 1855 {1977}.
(6506)Tenor saxhorn in F etc.Henry Distin, London, 1849-57, probably 1854-55 {332}.
(556)Tenor horn in F / E♭.Rudall Carte & Co, London, 1920-21, probably 1921 {6458}.
(3880)Saxhorn alto [tenor horn] in F / E♭.Couesnon, Paris, 1933.
(6419)Saxhorn alto in F etc.Ant. Courtois, Paris, 1866-70 {2125}.
(5707)Althorn in F.Joh. Michl & Sohn, Graslitz, c 1900.
(5874)Tenor vibrating horn [bell-up tenor horn].Butler, London, 1860-65.
(4649)Koenig horn in F etc.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1855 {309}.
(1081)Koenig horn in F etc.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1856-58 {783}.
(613)Tenor cor in F / E♭.J. Higham, Manchester, c 1906 {55162}.
(5733)Tenor cor in F / E♭.Boosey & Co., London, 1881 {25789}.
(4204)Tenor cor in F / E♭.Boosey & Co., London, 1910 {80404}.
(4229)Mellophone in F . E♭ / C.H.N. White, Cleveland, c 1924 {75137}.
(6233)Mellophone in F . E♭ . D . C.Conn, Elkhart, 1907 {101238}.
(3424)Tenor cor in F / E♭.Lafleur, probably Eastern Europe, c 1955 {1139}.
(3426)Tenor cor in F / E♭.Lafleur, probably Eastern Europe, c 1955 {1141}.
(4197)Vocal horn or bell-up tenor cor in F etc.F. Besson, London, probably 1876 {19662}.
(5736)Melody horn in F/E♭.Courtois & Mille, Paris, 1872-78.
(3696)Tenor cor in F.E♭, bell-forward model.Boosey & Co, London, 1929 {136319}.
(5938)Bugle alto (?) [bell-forward tenor horn] in F etc, 4-valve in-line.Ant. Courtois, Paris, 1872-78 {390}.
(3484)Bell-forward tenor horn in F, 4-valve in-line.Hawkes & Son, London, c 1911 {30078}.
(1829)Alto horn in F / E♭.F. Holton & Co, Elkhorn, U.S.A, c 1960 {243531}.
(875)Gemelli [duplex horn] in F / E♭.Pelitti, Milan, 1851-1905, probably c 1870.
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E♭ intermediate bore horns
(3045)Clavicor in E♭ / D♭.Jean, France, c 1840 {1930}.
(5793)Clavicor in E♭.Piattet, Lyon, mid 19th century.
(4620)Saxhorn ténor [tenor horn]in E♭, 3-valve.Ad. Sax, Paris, 1854 {11530}.
(4543)Saxhorn ténor [tenor horn] in E♭, 3-valve.Adolphe Sax, Paris, 1855 {13247}.
(4621)Saxhorn ténor [tenor horn] in E♭, 3-valve.Halari, Paris, 1855-65 {612}
(5699)Saxhorn ténor [tenor horn] in E♭, 3-valve.Husson & Buthod, Paris, 1855-65 {612}.
(6508)Saxhorn ténor [tenor horn] in E♭, 3-valve.Jacques Couturier fils, Lyon, c 1860 {1113}.
(4272)Saxhorn ténor [tenor horn] in E♭, 3-valve.E. Daniel, Marseille, 1861-65 {7162}.
(6421)Saxhorn ténor in E♭.F. Besson, Paris, c 1897 {50856}.
(5885)Tenor horn in E♭, 3-valve.F. Besson, London, 1868 or earlier, probably c 1866 {6600}.
(3881)Saxhorn ténor [tenor horn] in E♭.Besson, Paris, 1887-90 {48602}.
(3925)Saxhorn ténor [tenor horn] in E♭ / D♭.Gautrot, Paris, c 1875.
(3715)Althorn [tenor horn] in E♭.Boston Musical Instrument Manufactory, Boston, p 1869, probably c 1875.
(6655)Althorn in E♭.Maria Wolf, Frauenfeld, 1889-1935, c 1925).
(2774)Althorn in E♭.Leningrad, Russia, 1964 {17199}.
(540)Tenor horn in E♭.Probably third quarter of the 19th century.
(197)Tenor horn in E♭.Henry Keat & Sons, London, c 1890.
(2886)Tenor horn in E♭.The Salvation Army, St Albans, c 1906 {8134}.
(6560)Tenor horn in E♭.Hawkes & Son, London, c 1926) {51712}.
(5939)Tenor horn in E♭.by John Grey & Sons, London, 3rd quarter 20th century {6255 / 104694}.
(809)Tenor horn in E♭.Boosey & Co, London, 1929-30 {135539}.
(3886)Tenor horn in E♭.Boosey & Hawkes, London, 1962 {337020}.
(4656)Tenor horn in E♭.Boosey & Hawkes, London, 1962 {337021}.
(3713)Saxhorn ténor [tenor horn] in E♭, 3-valve.F. Sudre, Paris, 1884-1900 {1774}.
(4277)Tenor horn in E♭, 3-valve double principle.Boosey & Co, London, 1896 {48719}.
(2944)Tenor horn in E♭, 3-valve double principle.Boosey & Co, London, 1901 {60222}.
(2974)Tenor horn in E♭, enharmonic valves.Besson & Co, London, c 1910 {92949}.
(576)Tenor ventil horn in E♭.Henry Distin, London, 1857-68, probably c 1860 {4276}.
(6392)Genis [tenor horn] in E♭.Ferdinando Roth, Milan, late 19th century.
(4068)Bell-forward tenor horn in E♭.Metzler, London, third quarter of 19th century.
(4041)Alto horn in E♭, bell-forward.C.A. Zoebisch, New York, 1847-1904, probably late 19th century.
(4503)Tenor Orpheon [antoniophone] in E♭.Boosey & Co, London, 1888 {35821}.
(3892)Tenor flugelhorn or bugle alto in E♭.Willson, Flums, Switzerland, late 20th century {4868}.
(3717)Mellophone in E♭Probably Bohland & Fuchs, Graslitz, Austria, a 1945.
(3945)Saxhorn `équitonique' [tenor/baritone saxhorn] in E♭ + B♭.Gautrot-Marquet, Paris, 1858-65 {88}.
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Larger intermediate bore horns
(4647)Clavicor in 8-ft C, 3-valve.probably Guichard, Paris, c 1840.
(6071)Clavicor in 8-ft C.Frederick Pace, London, c 1840 {122}.(Frank Tomes Collection)
(4443)Saxhorn baryton [baritone] in C.By Lecomte, Paris, 1860-65 {516}.
(3164)Saxhorn baryton [baritone] in C / B♭, 4-valve.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1856-58.
(6394)Saxhorn baryton in C/B♭.Labbaye, Paris, 1856-65.
(3352)Saxhorn baryton [baritone] in C - B♭, 4-valve.Auguste Courtois Aîné, Paris, 1847 - c 1860 {548}.
(605)Saxhorn baryton [baritone] in C / B♭.Gautrot, Paris, c 1880.
(5792)Althorn in 8-ft C, 3-valve.Possibly Vienna, mid 19th century.
(4597)Tenorhorn [baritone] in C / B♭, 3-valve.Franz Soustouznjk, Vienna, late 19th century.
(4043)Tenorhorn [baritone] in C, 3-valve.Josef Wolf, Prague, 1848-1899, probably late 19th century.
(1585)Tenorhorn [baritone] in C / B♭, 3-valve.Jarkowski, Vienna, c 1880.
(1710)Koenig horn in C.Antoine Courtois, Paris, c 1856-58.
(1704)Sonorophone in C / B♭.Metzler, London, p 1858, probably c 1865.
(3828)Sudrophone baryton in C / B♭.F. Sudre, Paris, p 1900, probably not long after 1900 {79}.
(3851)Tenorhorn [baritone] in 8-ft C, 3-valve bell-forward.Lidl, Brno, 1895-1948.
(554)Tenorhorn or Tenorflügelhorn [baritone or tenor flugelhorn] in 8-ft C, 3-valve.C. Riedl, Nuremberg, p 1867, probably c 1900.
(4083)Fiscorn [bell-forward baritone] in 8-ft C.Probably Spain, probably early 20th century.
(6423)Saxhorn baryton in B♭.Adolphe Sax, Paris, 1866 {32088}.
(2939)Baritone in B♭.Couturier, Lyon, 1855-65 {519}.
(6592)Baritone in B♭.James Gisborne, Birmingham, 1854-64 {675}.
(3719)Baritone saxhorn in B♭, 3-valve.Possibly Stratton, probably U.S.A. or Germany, mid 19th century.
(4652)Flicorno basso [baritone] in B♭, 3-valve.Pelitti, Milan, late 19th century.
(3091)Tenorhorn [baritone] in B♭.Probably Germany, c 1900.
(3875)Tenorhorn [baritone] in B♭.Ernst David, Bielefeld, 1900-45.
(6561)Tenorhorn [baritone] in B♭.Karl Hammerschmidt, Watzkenreuth, 1st half 20th century.
(3411)Tenorhorn [baritone] in B♭.O. Hofmann, Berne, Switzerland, a 1927 - 1955, probably c 1930.
(6448)Saxhorn baryton in B♭.Besson, Paris, c 1913 {90978}.
(2711)Baritone in B♭.J. Higham, Manchester, probably c 1877 {17650}.
(5940)Baritone in B♭.The Salvation Army, London, probably 1917 {14036}.
(6180)Baritone in B♭.Rudall Carte & Co., London, 1923 {6619}.
(2990)Baritone in B♭, enharmonic valves.Besson & Co, c 1920 {110584}.
(2726)Baritone in B♭, 3-valve compensating.Boosey & Co, London, 1920 {108832}.
(3887)Baritone in B♭, 3-valve compensating.Boosey & Hawkes, London, 1962 {338333}.
(3697)Baritone saxhorn in B♭, système Besançon, circular wrap.Besançon, France, 1855-65 {773}.
(6073)Baritone in B♭, 4 valves in line.Joseph Higham, Manchester, 1857-62 {701}.(Frank Tomes Collection)
(2946)Baritone in B♭, 4-valve.Besson & Co, c 1925 {119187}.
(3295)Flicorno basso [baritone] in B♭, 4-valve.Pelitti, Milan, c 1870.
(6217)Tornistertenor [baritone] in B♭.Cerveny & Söhne, Königgrätz, early 20th century, before 1918.
(4505)Baritone Orpheon [antoniophone] in B♭, 3-valve.Boosey & Co, London, 1888 {35832}.
(4513)Mellophone in B♭ as forcor [baritone], bell-forward wrap.Boosey & Co, London, 1930 {138250}.
(4116)Baritone bugle in 11-ft G, 2-valve.F.E. Olds, California, 1972 {010465}.
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