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Meeting organised by the Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments with the Galpin Society

9-11 July 1999

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Further Information

See also the Abstracts of the Conference Papers. Some of the papers presented at the meeting will be published in the Galpin Society Journal.

See also the Technical Research Forum Making Good Musical Instruments: Can Acoustics Help? Edinburgh, 11-12 July 1999.

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Friday 9th July
Registration Keyboards: Session 1 visit to Musical Acoustics laboratories Woodwind: Session 1 Visit to the Barnes Collection
Saturday 10th July
Strings Session Lute and Guitar recital General Session Visit to the Russell Collection Clavichord recital
Sunday 11th July
Woodwind: Session 2 Brasswind Session Brass Septet recital Keyboards: Session 2 Woodwind: Session 3
Tuesday 13th July
Visit to Piping Centre and Museum Visit to Bernard Hague Collection of Wind Instruments

Thursday 8th July, 14:00 - 18:00 :: Conference registration and study visits to the Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments - Reid Concert Hall

Friday 9th July, 08:30 - 09:00 :: Conference registration - Reid Concert Hall

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Keyboards: Session 1 - Reid Concert Hall

Session Chair: Charles Mould

Fri 9 July, 09:00Seville: an Important Spanish Centre of Keyboard-Instrument Construction in the Mid-Eighteenth Century
Beryl Kenyon de Pascual,
Madrid, Spain
Fri 9 July, 09:20The Relation between Instruments and Music in Portugal in the Eighteenth Century
Patrícia Lopes Bastos,
University of Birmingham, U.K.
Fri 9 July, 09:50Two Elizabethan Virginals ?
Darryl Martin,
University of Edinburgh, U.K.

10:30 :: refreshments
Fri 9 July, 10:50An Unsigned German Harpsichord in the Historical Museum Basel
Malcolm Rose,
Lewes, U.K., and
Sabine Klaus,
Historisches Museum Basel
Fri 9 July, 11:30Latest News and Documents on the Neapolitan Harpsichord Makers
Francesco Nocerino,
Naples, Italy
Fri 9 July, 12:00Italian Stringed Keyboard Instruments and Simple Geometry: Some New Developments at the Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments in Edinburgh
Grant O'Brien,
University of Edinburgh, U.K.

13:00 :: lunch break

14:00 :: Visit to Musical Acoustics laboratories, Level 2, Department of Physics, James Clerk Maxwell Building, King's Buildings. Bus leaves Bristo Square at 14:00

Visit to see research work in progress on sound generation in brass instruments, bore profile reconstruction and design implications for trumpets and bassoon crooks, finger-hole effects in cornetts and serpents, inharmonicity of piano strings, etc.

15:15 :: refreshments available in snack bar, Level 3, James Clerk Maxwell Building, King's Buildings

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Woodwinds: Session 1 - Room 6206, Level 6, James Clerk Maxwell Building, King's Buildings

Session Chair: Clive Greated

Fri 9 July, 15:35Timing of Finger Movements in Musicians
E. Geoffrey Walsh,
University of Edinburgh, U.K.,
R. Ashford and P. Johnson,
University of Central England, Birmingham, U.K.
Fri 9 July, 16:05Acoustics of Dutch Wind Instruments from the Baroque Period
Rob van Acht,
Gemeentemuseum The Hague and Institute of Sonology at the Koninklijk Conservatorium, The Hague, The Netherlands
Fri 9 July, 16:40The Tunings of Sixteenth-Century Transverse Flutes
Lewis Jones,
London Guildhall University, U.K.
Fri 9 July, 17:15Underlying Causes of Serpent Behaviour and Misbehaviour
Murray Campbell,
University of Edinburgh, U.K.

18:00 :: Visit to the Barnes Collection, 3 East Castle Road. Bus leaves King's Buildings at 18:00

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Strings Session - Reid Concert Hall

Session Chair: Thomas Munck

Sat 10 July, 09:00The Fydill In Fist: Stringed Instruments from the Mary Rose
Mary Anne Alburger,
Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen, U.K.
Sat 10 July, 09:40Viols and other Lumber
Michael Fleming,
The Open University, U.K.
Sat 10 July, 10:20The Barytons of Joachim Tielke (or the Case of the Missing Body)
Terence Pamplin,
London Guildhall University

10:50 :: refreshments
Sat 10 July, 11:05Another Vihuela da Mano in the Paris Musée de la Musique ?
Joël Dugot,
Musée de la Musique, Paris, France
Sat 10 July, 11:35Constructing Culture: Guitar Makers in Spain
Kevin Dawe,
The Open University, U.K.

12:00 :: Recital: solo lute and guitar - Reid Concert Hall

Rob MacKillop will play Scottish lute music, baroque guitar music by Gaspar Sanz, guitar music from a 19th-century Edinburgh manuscript book, and music by Fernando Sor. One or more original instruments from the Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments will be used.

13:00 :: lunch break

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General Session - St Cecilia's Hall

Session Chair: Graham Wells

Sat 10 July, 14:00St Cecilia's Hall: its Musicians and Musical Instruments in the Eighteenth Century
John Cranmer,
University College Northampton, U.K.

14:30 :: Galpin Society AGM - Concert Room, St Cecilia's Hall

15:30 :: Visit to the Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments - St Cecilia's Hall

16:30 :: Afternoon tea (included in conference fee) - Laigh Room, St Cecilia's Hall

17:30 :: Clavichord recital - Concert Room, St Cecilia's Hall

John Cranmer will play the unfretted clavichord by Johann Adolph Hass, Hamburg, 1763, from the Russell Collection. Recital to include the French Suite No. 3 by J.S. Bach, the Sonata in B minor by C.P.E. Bach, and 20-century clavichord music.

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Woodwind: Session 2 - Reid Concert Hall

Session Chair: Marlowe Sigal

Sun 11 July, 09:00Who was the Greatest Clarionet Player in Europe ?
Tom Dibley,
Deal, Kent, U.K.
Sun 11 July, 09:10Clarinet Transposition during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
Albert Rice,
Fiske Museum, Claremont Colleges, California, U.S.A.
Sun 11 July, 09:50Hallum
Susan Thompson,
Yale University, New Haven, U.S.A.
Sun 11 July, 10:00Dutch Baroque Traversos
Jan Bouterse,
Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands
Sun 11 July, 10:30The Quantz flute: lecture-demonstration
Mary Oleskiewicz,
America's Shrine to Music Museum, University of South Dakota, U.S.A.

11:00 :: refreshments

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Brasswind Session - Reid Concert Hall

Session Chair: Frank Tomes

Sun 11 July, 11:20The French Trombone with Rear Bell
Bruno Kampmann,
Paris, France
Sun 11 July, 11:30Outstanding Trumpets, Trombones and Horns in the Musical Instrument Collection at the Historical Museum, Basel
Sabine Klaus,
Historisches Museum, Basel, Switzerland
Sun 11 July, 12:00Instruments of the Brass Septets of Finland
Arnold Myers,
University of Edinburgh, U.K.

12:15 :: Skottiseitsikko - Reid Concert Hall (weather permitting, in George Square Gardens)

A brass septet with traditional Finnish instrumentation directed by William Giles will play a short programme including original compositions for the medium by Sibelius.

Kornetto Es Michael Hardy
Kornetto B Charles McKinnon
Kornetto B Andrew Kinnear
Altto Es Marian Kirton
Tenori B William Giles
Baryton B Carol Sandall
Tuuba Philip Randall

12:45 :: lunch (included in conference fee) - 7 George Square (weather permitting, picnic in George Square Gardens)

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Keyboards: Session 2 - Reid Concert Hall

Session Chair: Peter Bavington

Sun 11 July, 14:00Silkers in the London Piano Trade c 1840-1860
Pauline Holden,
Leicester, U.K.
Sun 11 July, 14:20A Copy of Ferdinand Weber's Account Book
Jenny Nex and Lance Whitehead,
Royal College of Music, London, U.K.
Sun 11 July, 14:50The Diatonically Fretted Clavichord before 1722
Maria Boxall,
Fig Tree House Musick, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, U.K.

15:30 :: refreshments

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Woodwind: Session 3 - Reid Concert Hall

Session Chair: Charles Foster

Sun 11 July, 15:50Two More Recorders for the Music of Van Eyck
Ture Bergstrøm,
Musikhistorisk Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark
Sun 11 July, 16:20Good Bores, Frightful Bores, and the Recorder
Alec Loretto,
New Zealand
Sun 11 July, 17:00Fresh Information on the Spanish Dulcian in the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries
Beryl Kenyon de Pascual,
Madrid, Spain
Sun 11 July, 17:10Claret's Bajón
William Waterhouse,
London, U.K.
Sun 11 July, 17:20Reconstruction of an 1870 Morton Contrabassophone
Tom Dibley,
Deal, Kent, U.K.

17:50 :: close

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Mon 12 July :: Making Good Musical Instruments: Can Acoustics Help ? Technical Research Forum

This will be a meeting for information and experience exchange between researchers in musical acoustics and makers of musical instruments. The latter will range from individual craft workers to industrial firms.

Mon 12 July :: Alternatively, Conference participants can visit the Museum of Scotland, close to the Conference Venue. This would be an informal visit to see this impressive new national museum.

Tue 13 July, 10:30 :: Galpin Society visit to the National Museum of Piping at the Piping Centre, Glasgow. Train for Glasgow leaves Edinburgh Waverley at 09:30, Edinburgh Haymarket at 09:34.

The Piping Centre is housed in a listed building in Cowcaddens, near Glasgow Queen's Street station, address: 30-34 McPhater Street, Glasgow G4 0HW; tel/fax: +44 (0) 141 353 0220.

The National Museum of Piping is Britain's newest musical museum. The Galpin Society will be welcomed by Hugh Cheape (National Museums of Scotland).

Tue 13 July, 14:00 :: Galpin Society visit to the Bernard Hague Collection of Wind Instruments at the Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow.

This collection of 72 woodwind and brass instruments was bequeathed to Glasgow University by Bernard Hague (1893-1960). It consist of: 4 flageolets; 1 double flageolet; 26 flutes (including Gerock, Goulding, Astor, E.G.|Williams, Siccama model, Clinton Equisonant); 8 oboes (including Astor, Cahusac, Gerock, Milhouse); oboe d'amore, cor angalais (Morton); baritone oboe (Piatet) 10 clarinets (including Collier and Miller, Baumann, Wolf, Prowse, Key); tenoroon; 5 bassoons; trompe (Thibouville-Lamy); single-coil bugle (Couesnon); 3-valve trumpet (Cazzani and Rampone); 2-valve trumpet in F (Köhler); 2 cornopeans (Lewis & Tregear, Pask); alto valve trombone (Courtois); ballad horn (Distin, perhaps the earliest surviving); bell-up circular vocal horn in F and Eb (Besson); bass (made in Austria for Chappell); ophicleide; keyed bugle (Smith, Wolverhampton); buglet (Keat); serpent.

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Local Transport

Coaches have been booked to transport Conference participants from Pollock Halls to the sessions each morning, and to transport participants to King's Buildings and East Castle Road on the Friday. The coach timetable is:
Friday 9th  leave Pollock Halls 08:30 for the Reid Concert Hall
Friday 9th  leave Bristo Square 14:00 for King's Buildings
Friday 9th  leave King's Buildings 18:00 for East Castle Road
Saturday 10th  leave Pollock Halls 08:30 for the Reid Concert Hall
Sunday 11th  leave Pollock Halls 08:30 for the Reid Concert Hall

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Further information

Arnold Myers,
Collection of Historic Musical Instruments,
University of Edinburgh,
Reid Concert Hall,
Bristo Square,

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