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Small Bassoons
(167)Caledonica in C, 9-key.William Meikle, Strathaven, 1825.
(168)Alto fagotto in C, 7-key.Probably G. Wood, London, c 1830.
(1732)Alto Fagotto in C, 7-key.George Wood, London, c 1830.
(169)Tenor bassoon in F, 12 or 13-key.J.N. Savary, Paris, 1840.
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Early Bassoons
(1003)Bassoon in C, 5-key.Anon, probably English, c 1790.
(3379)Bassoon in C, 6-key.Preston, London, c 1800.
(148)Bassoon in C, 6-key.Cahusac, London, c 1790.
(154)Bassoon in C, 8-key.Kaiser, Zug, c 1820.
(149)Bassoon in C, 8-key.G. Astor & Co, London, first quarter of 19th century.
(1002)Bassoon in C, 8-key.Key, London, c 1820.
(1004)Bassoon in C, 8-key.Metzler, London, c 1840.
(3318)Bassoon in C, 9-key.Prowse, London, c 1820.
(153)Bassoon in C, 9-key.J.N. Savary, Paris, 1824.
(6018)Bassoon in C, 9-key.Milhouse.
(5450)Bassoon in C, 10-key.Jeantet, Lyon, c 1825.(Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection)
(5449)Bassoon in C, 10 -key.Wm Milhouse, London, c 1835.(Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection)
(150)Bassoon in C, 11-key.W. Küss, Vienna, c 1830.
(1540)Bassoon in C, 11-key.Key, London, c 1840.
(3317)Bassoon in C, 11-key.W. Milhouse, London, c 1840.
(1001)Bassoon in C, 11-key.D'Almaine & Co, London, c 1840.
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French model Bassoons
(158)Bassoon in C, 14-key.Probably Gautrot, probably Paris, c 1860.
(157)Bassoon in C, 15-key.Key & Co, London, c 1850.
(851)Bassoon in C, 15-key.Boosey & Co, London, February 1904 - 1912, probably 1904 {16780}.
(3319)Bassoon in C, 16-key.J.N. Savary, Paris, c 1850.
(1217)Bassoon in C, 16-key.Buffet Crampon, Paris, c 1880.
(162)Bassoon in C, 16-key, standard Buffet system.Silvani & Smith, London, c 1895.
(160)Bassoon in C, 16-key.Hawkes & Son, London, c 1900 {SN25}.
(5451)Bassoon in C, 16 -key, standard `French' system.Hawkes & Son, London, c 1900 {8532}.(Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection)
(813)Bassoon in C, 16-key.Hawkes & Son, London, c 1920.
(2535)Bassoon in C.Hawkes & Son, London, early 20th century {29581}.
(4395)Bassoon in CLate 19th or early 20th century.
(163)Bassoon in C, 17-key.Mahillon, London, late 19th or early 20th century.
(2723)Bassoon in C, 20-key.Besson, London, early 20th century {3766}.
(5452)Bassoon in C, 20 -key, standard full French `Buffet' system.Cabart, Paris, c 1900.(Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection)
(164)Bassoon in C, 21-key, standard Buffet fingering system.Buffet Crampon, Paris, 1921 {R567/6563}.
(2281)Bassoon in C, 21-key.Buffet Crampon, Paris, 1924 {R782/6591}.
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German model Bassoons
(4058)Bassoon in C.Kulow, Magdeburg, 1879-1939.
(2790)Bassoon in C, 24-key; German system.Boosey & Hawkes, London, 1935 {32025}.
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Large Instruments
(2805)Contrabassoon in C, 5-key.Attributed to F. Czermak, Prague, c 1830.
(166)Contrabassoon in C, 22-key.Buffet Crampon, Paris, c 1920.
(1706)Contrebasse à anche [reed contrabass] in E-flat, 16-key.J. Albert, Brussels, last quarter of 19th century.
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Incomplete Bassoons and Ancillary Items
(3320)Bassoon bell section.England, early 18th century.
(170)Bassoon wing.Possibly by Morton, London.
(1246/E2)Bassoon butt.By S.A. Chappell, London, 4th quarter of 19th century {199}.
(2113)Single-reed mouthpiece for bassoon. 
(5536)Single-reed mouthpiece for bassoon. (Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection)
(2114)Crook for bassoon.Heckel.
(2868)Crook for bassoon.Ascribed to Hüller, c 1950.
(3104)Crook for bassoon.China (?).
(5535/E2/1)Reed for bassoon.J. Gerrand, London, early 19th century.(Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection)
(5535/E2/2)Reed for bassoon.First half of 19th century.(Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection)
(3600)Reed for bassoon.Early 19th century.
(5537)Reed for bassoon.Morton, London, late 19th century.(Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection)
(5539)Reed for bassoon.Probably 1920s.(Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection)
(475b)Box of bassoon reeds.Circa 1900.
(475a)Bassoon reed case. 
(1118/E2)Two bassoon reeds; three bassoon reeds in tin. 
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