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Lists of Instruments in the Collection

Keyboard Instruments

Instruments of Regional Cultures Worldwide
Wind instruments String instruments Percussion instruments
Plucked and Hammered String Instruments
Dulcimers, Zithers and Harps Lutes, Citterns and Guitars
Bowed String Instruments
Viols and Violins Bows for String Instruments
Flutes and Whistles
Recorders and Flageolets Transverse Flutes
Double-reed Woodwind
Oboes Bassoons
Single-reed Woodwind
Clarinets Saxophones
French Horns and Cornophones

Bugles, Cornetts and Ophicleides

Post-horns, Cornets and Ballad Horns

Althorns, Tenor Horns and Baritones

Euphoniums and Tubas



Small Mouthpieces for Brass Instruments

Large Mouthpieces for Brass Instruments

Free Reed Instruments and Musical Glasses
Xylophones, Cymbals and Bells Drums Beaters for Percussion Instruments
Ancillary Equipment

The purpose of these Brief Lists is to summarise the musical instruments which can be studied in the Collection. Those not on display can be seen by appointment. Much more detailed information is available in the Catalogue of the Collection and, for some instruments, in Workshop Drawings published by the Collection.

The data given for individual instruments are: the Collection's Inventory Number (in parentheses); the name of the instrument [with alternative English language name in brackets], type or system; maker, place of manufacture, date, serial number {in braces}.

In most cases the entries are linked to the corresponding record in MIMO - Musical Instrument Museums Online with descriptions and images.

These lists will be updated from time to time. The date of publication is given at the foot of each Brief List.

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