List H8: Post-horns, Cornets and Ballad Horns

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Post horns
(3408)Post-horn in 2½-ft A♭.Besson & Co, London, c 1935.
(6663)Post-horn in 2½-ft A♭.Higham, Manchester, c 1909 {58167}.
(4452)Post-horn in 3½-ft D.Probably 19th century.
(1091)Post-horn in 3½-ft D, glass.Circa 1900.
(3052)Post-horn or cornet simple in C etc.Charles Kretzschmann, Strasbourg, a 1812 - c 1870; probably c 1830.
(912)Post-horn in B♭, folded.Circa 1900.
(4451)Post-horn in B♭.Circa 1900.
(1083)Drag horn [post horn] in 4½-ft B♭.Boosey & Co, London, 1890 {39238}.
(561)Cornet de poste [natural cornet or post-horn] in B♭.Probably A. Morhange, Paris, 1895-1900.
(4450)Cornet de poste [natural cornet or post-horn] in F.Probably late 19th century.
(4455)Post-horn in 5½-ft G, single finger-hole.Probably late 19th century.
(3018)Post-horn in 6-ft F, single finger-hole.By A. Schürrlein, Nuremberg, 1885 - p 1897.
(4454)Post-horn in 6-ft F, single finger-hole.Probably late 19th century.
(4566)Valved post horn in 4-ft C, 3 valves.Alois Kratky, Vienna, c 1900.
(4574)Valved post horn in 4-ft C, 3 valves..Possibly Vienna, c 1900.
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Small cornets
(6658)Soprano cornet in 3-ft F.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1872-78, c 1877 {9837}.
(6139)Soprano cornet in 3-ft F.Kohler, London, 1881 - c 1888.
(6163)Soprano cornet in E♭.Probably France, mid 19th century.
(6189)Soprano cornet in E♭.Rudall Carte & Co, London, 1901 {4328}.
(2553)Soprano cornet in E♭.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1872-78 {8443}.
(6556)Soprano cornet in E♭.Boosey & Co., London, 1919 {105855}.
(3885)Soprano cornet in E♭.Besson, London, c 1919 {107806}.
(6010)Soprano cornet in E♭.Hawkes & Son, London, c 1920 {40542}.
(4124)Soprano cornet in E♭.Boosey & Hawkes, London, 1949 {172255}.
(3054)Soprano cornet in E♭.Isaac Fiske, Worcester, Mass, c 1873-87.
(3708)Soprano cornet in E♭/D.Boston Musical Instrument Manufactory, Boston, p 1869, probably c 1875.
(4650)Soprano cornet in E♭, compensating.Boosey & Co, London, 1885 {31955}.
(6170)Soprano cornet in E♭, double principle.Boosey & Co, London, 1893 {44837}.
(6638)Cornet in E♭ C, B♭, A, Four-in-One model.Conn & Dupont, Elkhart, 1878 {859}
(4468)Cornutum in C.Gisborne, Birmingham, 1845 or soon after.
(1589)Cornet in C etc.Halari, 1830-1848, probably c 1845.
(4466)Cornet in C, six independent valves.Richardson, Boston, c 1861.
(2317)Cornet in C etc.J. Thibouville-Lamy, Paris, early 20th century.
(3712)Cornet in C/B♭.Lefevre, Paris, late 19th century {4331}.
(5991)Trumpet-cornet in C etc. Courtois, Paris, 1872-78 {481}.
(4244)Cornet in C . B♭ . A.Couesnon, Paris, 1922 {32854} with Amplificateur {2195}.
(3272)Cornet in C + A / B♭ + G, 4-valve Arban-Bouvet model.Possibly made by Millereau, Paris, p 1884, probably c 1889.
(5992)Cornet in C / B♭.Boosey & Co, London, 1909 {78293}.
(3841)Pocket cornet in C.Julius Heinrich Zimmermann, Leipzig, p 1886 probably early 20th century.
(1451)Echo cornet in C etc.F. Besson & Co, London, c 1883 {29420}.
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(6501)Cornopean in B♭ etc.Thomas Percival, London, 1834-48.
(3269)Cornet à pistons [cornet] in B♭ etc.France, c 1840.
(215)Cornet in B♭ etc.by Thomas Glen, Edinburgh, 1837-65, probably c 1840.
(1553)Cornopean in B♭ etc.by Metzler, probably Germany, c 1841-42.
(218)Cornopean in B♭ etc.Probably England, c 1845.
(1136)Cornopean in B♭ etc.Charles Pace, London, 1834-53, probably c 1840.
(2485)Cornopean in B♭ etc.Charles Pace, London, 1834-53, probably c 1845.
(955)Cornopean in B♭ etc.Roe, Liverpool, 1832-51, probably c 1845.
(3293)Cornopean in B♭ etc.George Smith, Birmingham, Between 1830 and 1846 {35}.
(6080)Cornopean in B♭ etc, 3 valves, 1 key.By William Baker, London, 1841-61.(Frank Tomes Collection)
(217)Cornopean in B♭ etc.Probably England, c 1850.
(6107)Cornopean in B♭ etc, 3 valves, 1 key.Köhler, London, c 1845 {127}.(Frank Tomes Collection)
(5734)Cornet in B♭, Serpentine model.Robinson & Bussell, Dublin, c 1850.
(3225)Cornet in B♭ etc, `Albion cornopean' model.Charles Pace & Sons, London, 1847-53 {120}.
(4094)Cornet in B♭ etc, `Albion cornopean' model.Charles Pace & Son, London, p 1858.
(5711)Cornet in B♭ etc, 3-valve.A. Lecomte, Paris, late 19th century.
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Early cornets
(6182)Cornet à pistons [cornet] in B♭ etc, 2-valve.Piatet, Lyon, c 1835.
(3267)Cornet à pistons [cornet] in B♭ etc, 2-valve.David, Paris p 1836, probably c 1840.
(3859)Cornet à pistons [cornet] in B♭ etc, 2-valve.Guichard, Paris, Paris p 1827, probably c 1840.
(4541)Cornet in B♭ etc.Gautrot, Paris, c 1850.
(6637)Cornet à pistons [cornet] in B♭ etc, 3-valve.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1850 {722}.
(4097)Cornet in B♭ etc., detachable bell.probably Gautrot, Paris; by Guiblin, Tours, France, c 1860).
(3711)Cornet in B♭ etc., detachable bell.Gautrot, Paris, p 1845, probably c 1870.
(2436)Cornet in B♭ etc.Butler, London, 1865-98.
(6579)Cornet in B♭ etc, thin valves.James Jordan, Liverpool, c 1850.
(220)Cornet in B♭ etc.Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co, London, c 1864 {967}.
(5962)Cornet in B♭ etc.Possibly Köhler, London, mid 19th century.
(6212)Cornet in B♭ etc, conical bore.Alphonse Sax, Brussels, circa 1850.
(2299)Cornet in B♭ etc.Post 1858, probably c 1860 {943}.
(6557)Cornet in B♭ etc.J. Finck, Strasbourg, mid 19th century.
(5913)Cornet in B♭ etc.Louis Müller, Lyon, p 1836 - 1867.
(3754)Cornet in B♭ etc.Louis Müller, Lyon, p 1836 - 1867.
(3918)Cornet in B♭ etc.E. Daniel, Marseille, c 1860 {16}.
(3271)Cornet in B♭ etc.G. Besson, Paris, 1849-57, probably c 1851 {562}.
(6084)Cornet in B♭ etc.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1856-58 {2355}.(Frank Tomes Collection)
(2460)Cornet in B♭ etc.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1856-58 {2713}.
(3475)Cornet in B♭.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1856-58 {3460}.
(3710)Cornet in B♭.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1862-67 {6481}.
(6701)Cornet in B♭ etc., silverAntoine Courtois, Paris, 1867 {6625}.
(3477)Cornet in B♭.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1867-72, probably 1871 {7944}.
(3270)Cornet in B♭ etc.Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1872-78 {10022}.
(2973)Cornet in B♭.Courtois & Mille, Paris, 1888-89 {16522}.
(6581)Cornet in B♭, 'Brussels model'.Carl Boosé, London, c 1860 {3461}.
(5840)Cornet in B♭ etc.Henry Distin, London, probably c 1857 {2447}.
(2448)Cornet in B♭ etc.by J.H. Ebblewhite, London, c 1854-82.
(4254)Cornet in B♭ etc.Kohler, London, mid 19th century.
(6171)Cornet in B♭ etc.Köhler & Son, London, 1869.
(6190)Cornet in B♭ etc, catholic fingering.Köhler & Son, London, c 1863 - 1881.
(2874)Cornet in B♭ / A.by T.S. Guest, Exeter, p 1847, probably c 1890.
(6052)Cornet in B♭.Isaac Fiske, Worcester, MA, 1842-87.(Frank Tomes Collection)
(6058)Cornet in B♭ etc.Joseph Higham, Manchester, 1862-65 {5656}.(Frank Tomes Collection)
(6093)Cornet in B♭ et, Bayley's 'Improved Acoustic' model.Kohler, London, 1862 {10}.(Frank Tomes Collection)
(2502)Orchestral cornet or trumpet [cornet] in B♭.Hall & Quinby, Boston, U.S.A, 1865-76.
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Mainstream cornets
(5937)Cornet in B♭ etc.F. Besson, London, c 1880 {26187}.
(2371)Cornet in B♭ etc.F. Besson, London, c 1882 {28336}.
(4548)Cornet in B♭.Boosey & Co, London, 1925-1926 {124269}.
(2869)Cornet in B♭.Besson & Co, London, c 1898 {60896}.
(4412)Cornet in B♭.Besson & Co, London, c 1916 {100923}.
(216)Cornet in B♭ etc, circular.C. Boosé, London, a 1868, probably c 1860 {3222}.
(4511)Cornet in B♭ etc, circular.Gautrot, Paris, c 1870.
(4256)Cornet in B♭ etc, with alternative mouthpipe for C.Boosey & Co, London, 1895 {47395}.
(832)Cornet in B♭.Boosey & Co, London, 1899 {53692}.
(222)Cornet in B♭.Boosey & Co, London, 1920 {107384}.
(4547)Cornet in B♭.Besson, London, c 1921 {111566}.
(2780)Cornet in B♭ etc.Butler, London or Dublin, c 1865-98.
(5889)Cornet in B♭ etc., silverH. Distin, London, 1863 {5626}.
(4098)Cornet in B♭ etc.Distin & Co., London, c 1865 {6401}.
(600)Cornet in B♭.Douglas & Son, Glasgow, p 1860, probably c 1872.
(2935)Cornet in B♭ etc.Gautrot, Paris, p 1845, probably c 1860.
(1610)Cornet in B♭ etc.Gisborne, Birmingham, 1902 - c 1907 {15821}.
(4414)Cornet in B♭.Hawkes & Son, London, c 1924 {47907}.
(1587)Cornet in B♭.Hawkes & Son, London, c 1930 {60626}.
(3877)Cornet in B♭.J. Higham, Manchester, 1892 or just before {45787}.
(1163)Cornet in B♭.J. Higham, Manchester, probably c 1902 {52146}.
(1152)Cornet in B♭.Henry Keat, London, p 1865, probably c 1880.
(3602)Cornet in B♭ etc.Lafleur, London, 1862-92.
(221)Cornet in B♭.By Laubach & Sons, Edinburgh, c 1885 {1571}.
(5776)Cornet in B♭.W. Brown & Sons, London, 1929 {16987}
(5789)Cornet in B♭, fixed mouthpipe model.Boosey & Hawkes, London, 1961 {336059}
(5755)Cornet in B♭, factory prototype.France, late 19th or early 20th century
(5875)Cornet in B♭.Buescher, Elkhart, 20th century.
(4517)Miniature cornet in B♭.Boosey & Co, London, 1899 {56351}.
(6582)Cornet in B♭, circular model.George Butler, London, c 1867.
(6004)Cornet vibrating horn in B♭ etc.Butler, London, 1860-65.
(6140)Cornet in B♭, long bell.Boosey & Co, London, 1913 (86582}.
(4525)Kornett in B♭, oval.Alexander, Mainz, c 1912.
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Later cornets
(6640)Cornet in B♭, compensating.Boosey & Co, London, 1905 {69304}.
(601)Cornet in B♭, double principle.Boosey & Co, London, 1898 {52880}.
(6504)Cornet in B♭, double principle.Besson & Co, London, 1895 {57289}.
(2989)Cornet in B♭, double principle.Besson & Co, London, c 1908 {86454}.
(2932)Cornet in B♭ etc, Daniel compensateur.F. Sudre, Paris, p 1881, probably c 1884 {308}.
(5994)Cornet in B♭, Arban system.Bouvet, Paris, c 1900 {180} 1889.
(2850)Cornet in B♭.Boosey & Hawkes, London, 1937 {150243}.
(6375)Cornet in B♭, special valves.Hawkes & Son, London, 1930 {60605}.
(5712)Cornet in B♭.Conn, Elkhart, Indiana, 1922 {86300}.
(619)Cornet in B♭ - A.Rudall Carte & Co, London, 1905 {5171}.
(4409)Cornet in B♭ - A.Rudall Carte & Co, London, 1909 {5772}.
(4130)Cornet in B♭ - A, `Columbia' model.Boosey & Co, London, 1911 {81878}.
(6703)Cornet in B♭ . A, `Acme' model.Boosey & Co, London, 19211 {114128}.
(5862)Cornet in B♭ - A.Boosey & Co, London, 1926 {126464}.
(3273)Cornet in B♭ - A.C.G. Conn, Elkhart, Indiana, 1915 {141703}.
(6585)Cornet in B♭ . A.Z. Albert Meredith, Marion, Ohio, U.S.A., 1909-20 {2724a}.
(3274)Cornet in B♭ . A.E.A. Couturier, Elkhart, Indiana, 1913 or soon after {1136}.
(3694)Cornet in B♭ . A.E.A. Couturier, Laporte, Indiana, c 1920 {3701}.
(6447)Cornet in B♭ . A.E.A. Couturier Co, LaPorte, 1922-23 {8418}.
(6161)Trumpet-cornet in B♭.Harry B. Jay, Chicago, 1910-46 {2978}.
(6586)Slide cornet in B♭ - A.C.G. Conn, Elkhart, 1921 {186025}.
(5995)Echo cornet in B♭.Kohler & Son, London, 1882 - c 1888.
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Narrow bore altos
(6372)Néocor in 4½-ft B♭ etc.Joseph Isidore Pertus, Toulouse, c 1840.
(4257)Soprano bugle in 5½-ft G, 2-valve.Getzen, Elkhorn, c 1980 {TP266}.
(5728)Soprano bugle in 5½-ft G, 2-valve.DEG, Elkhorn, c 1980 {N1545}.
(3350)Néocor in F etc.Schneider, Strasbourg, c 1840.
(3714)Solo alto in 6½-ft E♭.Boston Musical Instrument Manufactory, Boston, c 1895 {12913}.
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Ballad horns
(6023)Vocal horn in C.Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co, London, c 1861 {514}.
(6095)Vocal horn in 8-ft C.Rudall Rose Carte & Co, London, c 1865 {853}.(Frank Tomes Collection)
(6588)Vocal horn in 8-ft C.Henry Keat, London, 1856-66) {4837}.
(889)Vocal horn in C.Rudall Carte & Co, London, p 1878, probably c 1890 {3182}.
(5836)Ballad Horn in C.Distin & Co, 1869 {20990}.
(4086)Ballad Horn in C.Distin & Co, 1869 {21290}.
(3615)Ballad horn in C.Distin & Co, London, 1872 {25021}.
(604)Ventil ballad horn in C.Boosey & Co, London, 1875 {16255}.
(3348)Ballad horn in C / B♭, compensating.Boosey & Co, London, 1896 {48334}.
(4288)Mellophone [Ballad horn] in C.Köhler & Son, London, c 1870 - 1881.
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Miscellaneous cornet-related items
(1853)Stölzel valves for cornet.19th century.
(1854)Périnet valves for cornet.19th century.
(3083)Box of crooks etc. for a cornopean, for B♭ etc.Probably Britain, Mid 19th century.
(3377)3 crooks for cornopean, for F, E♭, E.Probably Britain, Mid 19th century.
(3407)2 crooks for cornopean, for A♭, F.Probably Britain, Mid 19th century.
(2786/H2)Shank: cornopean, for B♭.Probably Britain, Mid 19th century.
(3405)Crook: cornopean, for E.Probably Britain, Mid 19th century.
(3387)3 crooks: cornet, for (a) A♭; (b) G; (c) E. 
(3389)2 crooks: cornet, for (a) A♭; (b) F. 
(3388)2 crooks: cornet, for (a) F; (b) E. 
(3403)Shank: cornet, for A. 
(3392)Crook: cornet, for A♭. 
(3393)Crook: cornet, for A♭. 
(3394)Crook: cornet, for A♭. 
(3395)Crook: cornet, for G. 
(3396)Crook: cornet, for G. 
(3397)Crook: cornet, for G. 
(3398)Crook: cornet, for G. 
(3390)Crook: cornet, for F. 
(3399)Crook: cornet, for F. 
(3404)Crook: cornet, for F. 
(3400)Crook: cornet, for E. 
(3401)Crook: cornet, for E. 
(3402)Crook: cornet, for E. 
(3391)Crook: cornet, for E. 
(3406)Adaptor for using trumpet mouthpiece in a cornet.1973.
(3891)Adaptor for using trumpet mouthpiece in a cornet. 
(2484)Adaptor for using trumpet mouthpiece in a cornet. 
(4416)Adaptor for using trumpet mouthpiece in a cornet. 
(5790)Adaptor for using trumpet mouthpiece in a cornet. 
(3030)Mute for soprano cornet or cornet.Boosey & Co, London, c 1900.
(6232)Mute for cornet or trumpet.Keat, London, c 1900.
(2133)Mute for cornet or trumpet.Circa 1900.
(2134)Mute for cornet or trumpet.Circa 1900.
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