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Harpsichords, single-manual
(4471)Single-manual harpsichord.Bernardinus de Trasuntinis, Venice, 1574.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4299)Single-manual harpsichord.Andreas Ruckers the elder, Antwerp, 1609. 
(4302)Single-manual harpsichordFlorence (?), c 1620.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4305)Single-manual harpsichord.Ioannes Ruckers, Antwerp, 1637.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4307)Single-manual harpsichord.Ioannes Couchet, Antwerp, 1645.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4472)Single-manual harpsichord.Attributed to Antonio Migliai, Florence, 1700-05.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4479)Single-manual harpsichord.Thomas Barton, London, 1709.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4312)Single-manual harpsichord.Thomas Hancock, London, 1720.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4480)Single-manual harpsichord.Benjamin Slade, London, 1720-25.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4473)Single-manual harpsichord.Franciscus de Paulinis, Rimini, 1725.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4475)Single-manual harpsichord.Alessandro Cresci, Livorno, 1760.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4314)Single-manual harpsichord.Johann Adolph Hass, Hamburg, 1764.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4349)Single-manual harpsichord.Jacob Kirckman, London, 1769. 
(4474)Single-manual harpsichord.Attributed to Mucciardi, Naples, c 1775.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4482)Single-manual harpsichord.Jacob Kirckman, London, 1776.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4319)Single-manual harpsichord.John Broadwood, London, 1793.(Raymond Russell Collection)
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Harpsichords, double-manual
(4303)Double-manual harpsichord.Andreas Ruckers the elder, Antwerp, 1608.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4306)Double-manual harpsichord, transposing.Ioannes Ruckers, Antwerp, 1638.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4477)Double-manual harpsichord.Hans Moermans (?), Antwerp, 1642 (?).(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4320)Double-manual harpsichord.Francis Coston, London, c 1725. 
(4481)Double-manual harpsichord.John Wilbrook, London, 1730.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4483)Claviorgan [double-manual harpsichord-organ]John Crang, London, 1745.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4330)Double-manual harpsichord.Jacob Kirckman, London, 1755.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4478)Double-manual harpsichord.Luigi Baillon, Cyteux, 1755.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4329)Double-manual harpsichord.Jean Goermans / Pascal Taskin, Paris, 1764 / 1783-84.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4341)Double-manual harpsichord.Burkat Shudi, London, 1766 {529}. 
(4315)Double-manual harpsichord.Pascal Taskin, Paris, 1769.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4316)Double-manual harpsichord.Robert Falkener, London, 1773. 
(4464)Double-manual harpsichord.Baker Harris, London, 1774. 
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Harpsichord, triple-manual
(4304)Triple-manual harpsichord.Stefano Bolcioni, Prato, 1627.(Raymond Russell Collection)
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(4336)Rectangular virginal.Possibly Lodewyk Theewes, London, c 1570. 
(4301)Virginal.Alessandro Bertoloti, North Italy, 1586.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4370)Virginal.Pisaurensis (?), Verona, 1586. 
(4345)Virginal.Attributed to Francesco Poggio, Florence, c 1620. 
(4308)Virginal.Stephen Keene, London, 1668.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4484)Virginal.Honofrio Guarracino, Naples, 1678.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
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(4351)Spinet.Stephen Keene, London, 1704. 
(4309)Spinet.Attributed to John Player, London, c 1705.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4311)Octave spinet.Ascribed to Petrus Michael Orlandus, Italy, 1710.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4310)Spinet.Thomas Hitchcock, London, 1728 {1241}.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4313)Spinet.John Harrison, London, 1757.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4317)Spinet.Baker Harris, London, 1776. 
(4334)Spinet.Christian Shean, Edinburgh, 1782. 
(4318)Spinet.Neil Stewart, Edinburgh, 1784.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4350)Spinet.Richard Horsburgh, Edinburgh, 1786. 
(4485)Spinet, double-manual.Probably Italy, or possibly southern France, c 1680.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
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(4486)Clavichord.Probably Flemish, c 1620.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4321)Clavichord.Possibly Nuremberg, c 1700.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4333)Clavichord.Germany (?), c 1770. 
(4338)Clavichord.Christian Gottlob Hubert, Ansbach, 1784. 
(4487)Clavichord.Probably Dresden, c 1740.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4460)Clavichord.J.J.K. Rhodes and W.R. Thomas, Burntisland, third quarter of the 20th century. 
(4322)Clavichord.Johann Adolph Hass, Hamburg, 1763.(Raymond Russell Collection)
(4488)Clavichord.Possibly Rafrut, Saxony (?), fourth quarter of the eighteenth century.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4332)Clavichord.George Christoffer Rackwitz, Stockholm, 1796.(Galpin Society Collection)
(4323)Clavichord.Arnold Dolmetsch, London, 1896 {6}. 
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Pianos, grand
(4324)Grand pianoforte.Americus Backers, London, 1772. 
(4490)Grand pianoforte.John Broadwood, London, 1793.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4491)Grand pianoforte.Bartolomeo Gautti, Novara, 1796.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4492)Grand pianoforte.Johann Friedrich Kulbörs, Breslau (Wroclaw), c 1805 {69}.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4493)Grand pianoforte.Benedictus Tonini, Italy, 1813.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4337)Grand pianoforte.Thomas Loud, London, c 1810. 
(5873)Grand pianoforte.School of Graf, probably Vienna, c 1825. 
(4347)Grand pianoforte.Ignatz Heinrich, Omûtz, Bohemia, c 1825. 
(3250)Grand pianoforte.Robert Wornum, London, 1862 {12867/1391}. 
(1599)Duplex grand pianoforte.Weber (The Aeolian Co. Ltd.), London, 1922 or 1925 {78899}. 
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Pianos, square
(4339)Square pianoforte.Johann Christoph Zumpe, London, 1767. 
(4335)Square pianoforte.Johannes Christoph Zumpe, London, 1768. 
(4489)Square pianoforte.Zumpe & Buntebart, London, 1770.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4346)Square pianoforte.Longman & Broderip, London, c 1785. 
(4340)Square pianoforte.John Broadwood, London, c 1790. 
(4325)Square pianoforte.Andrew Rochead, Edinburgh, c 1805. 
(4352)Square pianoforte.Muir Wood & Co, Edinburgh c 1810 {1017}. 
(4342)Square pianoforte.Andrew Rochead, Edinburgh, c 1815 (608}. 
(2699)Square pianoforte.Wood, Small & Co, Edinburgh c 1822 {2523/3174/738}. 
(2698)Square pianoforte.John Broadwood & Sons, London, 1837 {48999/56687}. 
(496)Square pianoforte.John Broadwood & Sons, London, c 1845 {61907}. 
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Pianos, upright
(3251)Cabinet piano [upright piano].Robert Wornum, London, c 1828 {1266}. 
(4326)Cabinet piano [upright piano].John Broadwood & Sons, London, 1834. 
(3252)Piccolo Piano Forte [upright piano].Robert Wornum, London, c 1841 {2330/5221}. 
(497)Euphonicon.John Steward, London, c 1845 {131}. 
(3253)Upright pianoforte.John Broadwood & Sons, London, c 1865 {30153B}. 
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(4327)Chamber organ.Possibly London, c 1680. 
(4328)Chamber organ.Previously attributed to John Byfield, London, c 1750. 
(4343)Enharmonic chamber organ.Attributed to Thomas Parker, London, c 1765. 
(4344)Chamber organ.Britain, c 1820. 
(4495)Organ (incomplete).John Snetzler, London, 1748.(Rodger Mirrey Collection)
(4331)Bible regal.Germany (?), early 18th century.(Galpin Society Collection)
(2533)Organ console.Frederick Rothwell, Harrow, 1937. 
(498)Royal Seraphine.M.O. Nichols, c 1845. 
(2970)American organ.Mason & Hamlin, Boston, U.S.A., 1909. 
(582)American organ.Story & Clark, Chicago. 
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Other Instruments
(504)Pianino [jeu de timbres].Chappell, London, c 1810. 
(4348)Pianino [jeu de timbres].Chappell, London, c 1815. 
(1834)Synthesiser, 3-octave monophonic.Univox, Dartford, c 1959 {296}. 
(3776)Transpositeur [transposing keyboard].Pleyel Wolff & Cie, Paris, after 1855, probably c 1880 {362}. 
(1040)Two harpsichord jacks.Circa 1925. 
(1045)Model harpsichord jack.  
(2466)Display of piano mechanisms.J. Paterson (Edinburgh) and other makers, after c 1880. 
(2467)Display of piano mechanism.Circa 1925. 
(486)Piano action, upright.National Piano Actions, Ltd, London, c 1920. 
(488)Piano action, upright.Herrburger, Brooks, c 1920. 
(487)Piano action, grand.Herrburger, Brooks, c 1920. 
(489)Demonstration pipe.Possibly Hudson, London, c 1850.
(492)Set of 4 organ pipes.Probably Deleuil, Paris, c 1850.
(493)Set of three organ pipes.Probably Deleuil, Paris, c 1850.
(494)Set of 4 organ pipes. 
(495)Set of 3 organ pipes.Probably Deleuil, Paris, c 1850.
(919)Organ pipe boot. 
(584a)Organ pipe chest, c 1908. 
(584b)Eight organ pipes, c 1908. 
(584c)Two organ pipes.C. Appunn & Söhne, Hanau, c 1908.
(584d)Tonmesser (Tone mixer)(several parts): (584d/1) C2; [(584d/2) possibly C1]; (584d/3) C4, E4, G4, C5; (584d/4) B1 or C2, E2, G2, B2 or C3; (584d/5) C4, E3, G3, C4.C. Appunn & Söhne, Hanau, c 1908.
(583a)Organ pipe chest. 
(583b)Four organ pipes.Circa 1908.
(583c)Three organ pipes.Circa 1908.
(583d)Two organ pipes.Rudolf Koenig, Paris, c 1908.
(583e)Four organ pipes.Rudolf Koenig, Paris, c 1908.
(583f)Organ pipe.Rudolf Koenig, Paris, c 1908.
(583g)Organ pipe.Rudolf Koenig, Paris, c 1908.
(4353)Demonstration pneumatic action organ pipe.Hamilton, Edinburgh, mid 19th century. 
(3820)Set of reeds for american organ.  
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